About Us

As a direct result of Outreach, over 1,400 young people throughout Los Angeles County are in a much better position to practice the values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law. Scouting knows that these are the building blocks of a civil society and the key to individual success in life. Outreach uses basic life skills and life lessons in a participatory and active program that teaches young people the importance of character development, citizenship, and personal fitness. After-School Scouting activities, which target grades K to five (Cub Scouts), are held directly after school at the school site, where it is easiest to reach and serve children in this community. These Scouting programs are delivered by paid program aides, rather than volunteers, and they are offered free of charge to any child wishing to participate. Neither the School District nor local government fund Outreach programs. Instead, the Western Los Angeles County Council pays the Scouting membership dues for all boys and girls in the program, provides uniforms, and offers camping scholarships.